The Itero Digital Scanner is Profoundly Beneficial to Orthodontic Practices

A lot of orthodontic practices are ditching PVS impressions for the Itero Digital Scanner. Here are some reasons why they are making the switch.

Better Patient Experience
Many patients dread going to see their orthodontist because they know that they will have to get a PVS impression. These types of impressions can be rather messy and cause patients to gag. A digital scanner changes all of this. This technology allows orthodontists to get impressions of their patients rather quickly without much hassle. Patients will spend less time getting these types of impressions, and their time in the orthodontist’s office will decrease because of this.

Increased Accuracy
Orthodontists want their patients to have accurate impressions. PVS impressions are often inaccurate for many patients. However, a digital scanner provides impressions that have fewer issues when it comes to fitting a patient’s aligners and removes the hurdle of replacing an inaccurate PVS impression every time. This can save the orthodontist’s office a lot of money as they won’t have to deal with the costs of erroneous PVS impressions that they cannot use.

Improved Productivity
With PVS impressions, orthodontic offices had to send these impressions to a lab, which could be rather inconvenient. The Digital Scanner improves productivity as everything is done online.
This type of innovative technology allows orthodontic practices to provide a better experience for their patients. Contact Strauss Diamond Instruments Inc.

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