Tips On Preventing Cross Contamination In A Pediatric Dentist’s Office in Kinnelon, NJ

Cross contamination is a prevalent issue in medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics and dental offices. Dental professionals and their patients in particular are more vulnerable to oral issues and vector transmitted diseases such as typhoid, herpes of hepatitis. This is mainly because most disease causing germs enter a person’s body through his oral cavity. Therefore, it is the prime duty of staff to maintain a clean, sparkling and sanitary environment in a medical facility.

This article talks about maintaining hygienic conditions in a dental clinic, with special reference to dentist offices in Kinnelon, NJ. In case you have been appointed as a dentist, caretaker, cleaning staff, receptionist or a manager at a pediatric dental clinic, you must follow the tips mentioned here. Practicing these processes in real life ensures safe and healthy visits for the patients as well as for you.

About Kinnelon City

Kinnelon is a small sized suburban community in Morris Country located in New Jersey, United States. This area experiences a warm climate during summers and moderate cold temperatures during winters. Rainfall is mild and equally distributed throughout the year. Moderate climate and moist conditions serve as an excellent environment for germ breeding and contamination. Therefore, there are greater risks for cross contamination through direct or indirect contact at a dentist’s office in Kinnelon, NJ especially in the case of kids and senior citizens since they are more vulnerable to these diseases.


1)      Always clean your hands using mild soap or disinfectants before and after putting on gloves, touching different tools or removing contaminated objects. You may also use alcohol based rubs for cleaning hands. In most cases, you should avoid touching tools that are involved in direct dentistry. Try to use foot pedals, hands free faucets and forceps for operating objects.

2)      Put on gloves, masks, gowns, goggles and other necessary equipment if you are involved in direct clinical procedures such as handling lab cases, performing dental surgery or processing dental radiographs. This avoids contact with a patient’s secretions. Once you successfully complete the process, do not touch tables, handles, drawers or door knobs while using dirty gloves.

3)      Safely discard all the contaminated instruments in a separate packet. You may assign a special sterilized counter in your clinic for disposing contaminated objects. This corner should be far apart from the section where you perform dental operations or process instruments. Seclude it from common passages as well. Use wire mesh to cover up doors and windows.

4)      Always cover up your instruments with impermeable surface barriers. Additionally, make sure that you disinfect the tools after and before performing a separate procedure. In case the covers are worn down, you should replace them with new barriers. If possible, check the patient from salivating on your chairs and tables.

5)      Make sure you get your office cleaned, wiped and swept every day. You may use beach based cleaning agents and disinfecting liquids for this purpose.

If these procedures are followed in a timely manner, your clinic will soon qualify as the healthiest and the tidiest dentist office in Kinnelon, NJ.

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