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In case you are suffering from mysterious shoulder and neck pain, severe headaches, facial pain or tinnitus and have ruled out more severe health conditions, a neuromuscular dentist can certainly help you with quite a few TMJ treatment solutions.

TMJ treatment solutions are largely based on the kind of TMJ disorder you are struggling with. Most neuromuscular dentists recognize 3 major types of TMJ condition,

  • Myofacial pain is regarded as the most common and is connected with muscle and facial pain in your jaw joint parts.
  • Misalignment of the jaw joints resulting from injury or dislocation.
  • Degenerative jaw joint disease such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Jaw alignment is a major condition that leads to TMJ conditions. When your jaw is misaligned, a medical condition referred to as “Malocclusion”, it puts pressure on one or both the jaw joints that are built to work in conjunction. The main job of a neuromuscular dentist is to look for your perfect jaw position and help you rebuild your jaw positioning. Generally, your neuromuscular dentist will try the most traditional treatment solutions first to find out if it can help ease your symptoms. Conservative treatments solutions are those which you can do easily and quickly.

More severe TMJ conditions might need intensive treatment to fix. These might involve treatments such as splints or orthotic units used to relocate your jaw to the appropriate alignment. A few patients do fine with this. Some others may need more long-term treatment solutions. Permanent TMJ treatment solutions contain changes to your bite using corrections or other dental care treatments including Crowns and bridges, Dental Implants and Orthodontics.

If more traditional treatment methods fail to ease the pain and soreness you are enduring, cortisone shots or surgery might be considered. The particular kind of surgery will be based on the level of injury and the actual nature of TMJ condition you are suffering from.

TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment

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