What is Family Dentistry in Chantilly?

Family dentistry is important to ensure the long-term health of you and your children’s teeth and gums. What can a Chantilly family dentist provide? Read on to learn more.

What Does Family Dentistry Include?

When a dentist provides “family dentistry,” he or she offers a broad spectrum of care and treatment options for patients of all ages, including:

• routine cleaning and exams
• gum disease prevention and treatments
• fluoride treatments and sealants
• fillings and other treatments for tooth decay
• dental implants, bridges, crowns, and dentures
• teeth whitening
• extractions
• orthodontic care like Invisalign

A family dentist has been trained to provide both pediatric and adult oral health services, including care for children and adolescents who develop problems as the teeth and jaws grow and adults who engage in repeated bad habits that encourage tooth loss and gum disease. These dentists are also skilled in cosmetic and restorative treatments that help patients enjoy optimal oral health. Family dentistry is a standard service offered by Virginia Laser Dental.

Is a Family Dentist a Good Decision for My Child’s Dental Care?

A family dentist understands the changes that occur during the childhood years and ensures that teeth develop properly without any crowding. They also understand the fear and anxiety that many children experience at the dentist. A family dentist offers education and guidance to help children properly care for their teeth in-between visits. Lastly, when your child becomes an adult, they can continue their treatment at the same practice and enjoy the many advantages of continuous care during their lifetime. These advantages run throughout family dentistry in Chantilly.

How Frequently Do I Need to Visit The Dentist? How About My Child?

Both adults and children should visit the dentist at least once every six months for an all-inclusive assessment of their teeth and gums, as well as a thorough cleaning.

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