What You Can Expect When Seeing Dentists in Charlotte

Seeing a dentist for the first time or after many years, can seem intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. Dental care is an important part of one’s health regimen. However, there is no need to be frightened or embarrassed when you see Dentist Charlotte offices. It is very helpful to alleviate any anxieties that you have about a dental appointment by being aware of how the process works.

New or returning patients are asked for their medical histories. The dentist needs a clear idea of any health problems that you may have, because some chronic illnesses may lead to oral health issues, or could be affected by oral health infections. This includes diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmunity disorders such as AIDS and Lupus. If you have immediate complaints about your teeth, those will be noted.

Then you’ll be taken back to the examination area so that the dentist can look at your mouth, teeth, and gums. The dentist will most likely take x-rays as well, because these can also show the condition of the bones that support the gums and teeth. It also gives a clear shot of decay and old fillings. You will be checked for signs of gum disease, cancer, and any other problems. It is likely that the dentist will find some degree of gum disease, as most adults have this issue.

This is a main reason why dental exams and cleanings are so important. Left untreated, gum disease will lead to the teeth loosening from the gums, and this will cause them to fall out. Another key consideration is the alignment of your jaw, as this affects your bite. An overbite or underbite affects the teeth by making them become misaligned over time, and can also make some teeth wear faster because they are favored over others.

A dental hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth. This will involve the use of special tools to remove plaque and tarter from the teeth. If you haven’t had a cleaning for a while, you may need a root planing, as this cleans the buildup from below the gum line. If there are signs of periodontal disease, this cleaning is recommended. You may need to have more frequent cleanings as well-;once every three months. Visit website for more details.

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