What You Should Know About Teet Whitening Treatments In Parsippany

Teeth Whitening in Parsippany is a cosmetic procedure that boosts your aesthetic appeal. Your dentist can complete these procedures within one dental visit and provide maximized results. This option has become a popular choice among cosmetic dental services due to its dramatic effects. Although home whitening options are available on the market they do not produce the same results as an in-office procedure.

What You Should Know About Whitening Treatments

All teeth whitening treatments require the application of professional-grade peroxide products. These products are significantly more potent than at-home treatments. They are additionally more effective than products you use at home. During these dental treatments a dentist applies an ultraviolet light which cures the peroxide solution to achieve maximum teeth whitening results.

However, patients who have experienced sensitivity to peroxide should inform their dentist. Although the gums are protected by a barrier during the procedures this does not guarantee that the peroxide-based solution will not receive other areas of the mouth. For this reason, some dentists perform allergy and sensitivity tests ahead of time to prevent severe reactions.

General Dentist

Parsippany Family Dental provides you with the full spectrum of dental services. These procedures range from basic services to maintain your overall oral care to cosmetic choices which transform your smile. The dentists within this practice offer suggestions after an evaluation to determine which options are most suited to your needs. They do offer Teeth Whitening in Parsippany treatments among their catalog of cosmetic services which provide stellar results. If you wish to speak to a dentist within this practice about acquiring cosmetic options call them locally and schedule a consultation.

A popular cosmetic treatment offered by dentists is Teeth Whitening in Parsippany. The procedure requires approximately thirty minutes to complete and offers maximized results. The dentist apply a peroxide-based solution onto the teeth during this process. After all teeth are coated properly, he or she applies an ultraviolet light to provide the most effective results. Patients who have experienced any sensitivity to peroxide should consult their dentist before receiving these procedures. For more information about whitening treatments visit Website Domain.

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