When Should You Seek Dental Implant Restoration?

When you have dental implants, you are not likely to experience complications. However, there are some instances in which problems arise – and it is important for patients and providers alike to be able to identify these situations.

In general, there is always a small risk of infection or displacement of implants after every procedure, which a provider should always warn patients of ahead of time. However, after the implants have been there for a while, it may be necessary to have them restored or replaced.

Here are a few reasons why dental implant restoration might be necessary:

Your Implant is Causing Frequent or Serious Infections

While an immediate risk of infection is present with any procedure, infection months or years after the implant is placed can be an indication of more serious issues. When implant areas are getting frequent or serious infections, this can mean that those implants need to be restored or replaced.

Your Implant is Loose or Has Fallen Out

Implants are designed to stay in place for decades or even for the rest of a person’s life. With that in mind, it is obviously a serious concern when those implants loosen or fall out of place. When this happens, it is a good idea to have the implants replaced promptly. Otherwise, major and lasting complications can arise.

Damage or Ongoing Issues with the Sinuses or Gums

If you notice new or different issues with the sinuses or gums in yourself or your patient, this can be a sign of issues with dental implants. The irritation that damaged or infected implants can create can lead to larger issues that can impact the entire body.

To keep this from leading to something serious – which may require major medical intervention or hospitalization – it is best to see a dental professional right away. Only a professional can determine if you need more serious intervention or a complete restoration or replacement of your implants Y M Dental Lab Inc.

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