When to See an Eye Doctor in Wichita, KS

Those who have struggled with vision problems for part or all of their lives are likely already familiar with at least one local Eye Doctor in Wichita KS. Those with ordinarily good vision, though, often find the sudden onset of eye-related symptoms can be thoroughly unsettling. Most vision problems can be most easily treated or corrected if they are diagnosed early, so it’s important not to ignore serious symptoms. Below are a few fairly common eye issues that should inspire immediate action in those experiencing them.

Unexplained Pain

Any kind of continuous, unexplained pain in the eye or around the eye is cause for concern. It may be as simple as a foreign object becoming lodged in the eye, or it may be something more serious like an infection or a corneal abrasion. Seek help if any eye pain or discomfort persists or increases over a period of more than a few hours.

Double Vision

There are a wide variety of medical conditions that can cause double vision as a primary or a secondary symptom. Some of these conditions can be serious and dangerous if left untreated. Head to an Eye Doctor in Wichita KS immediately for diagnosis.

Clouded Vision

Diseases and disorders as diverse as cataracts and common colds can cause a patient’s vision to become clouded. If a patient notices minor blurriness over the course of the flu, a cold, or other respiratory issues it’s usually nothing to be concerned about. If, however, the blurriness is unrelated to any existing health problems, it should be evaluated by a specialist.

Acute Injury

If any acute trauma to the eye has occurred, it’s important to have any damage evaluated. Failing to get treatment quickly may result in temporary or permanent vision problems, so there is no excuse for putting off an evaluation.

Spots and Floaters

Many patients begin to see floaters and spots moving across their field of vision as they age, and this is considered normal. However, the sudden development or an increase in the severity of these symptoms can be an indicator something more serious is wrong.

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