Why Is It Important to See the Family Dentist in Chaska?

Seeing the Family Dentist Chaska is extremely important for the health of your teeth and gums. Your dentist can provide you with preventative care, so you can avoid gum disease and cavities. The dentist can also treat you for oral health concerns and injuries. Through the services of your family dentist, you can keep your smile healthy and strong.
The first part of your appointment will involve having your teeth thoroughly cleaned. The cleaning process is crucial, because it removes plaque and tartar from your teeth. If these substances are left on your teeth, they will mix with the food particles in your mouth and create an acid. This acid will begin to eat away at your tooth structure, causing major damage. Eventually, this can lead to tooth death.

The Family Dentist Chaska will work to remove all of the plaque and scrape the hardened tartar from your teeth. Your teeth will be cleaned with a special brush, so they are free of debris. Your teeth will then be flossed, to remove any plaque or tartar from between your teeth, where they are most vulnerable.

At the end of your cleaning, you will have a Fluoride treatment. Fluoride helps to protect your tooth enamel, so it is strong. The enamel surrounds your tooth with protection and prevents decay from occurring. If the enamel is not strong, your teeth will be vulnerable to disease.

Once your teeth have been cleaned and protected, the Family Dentist Chaska will take X-rays of your teeth, so any hidden issues can be found. Your teeth and gums will also be examined. Through both of these methods, the dentist can find any oral health concerns, like cavities or gum disease, so they can be treated promptly. The sooner they are treated, the less likely you will experience major damage.

If you are in need of a Family Dentist Chaska, contact Molldrem Family Dentistry. They will provide you with all of the dental treatments needed, to help ensure your smile stays healthy. Contact them today and schedule an appointment for your preventative care, so your teeth and gums are not in danger.

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