Why Is the Emergency Dentist in Lehigh Valley Important to Your Dental Care?

Though you see your general dentist on a regular basis and do all you can to ensure your teeth are healthy, dental conditions can arise that cause you to need to see the Emergency Dentist. Having this type of dentist available can be extremely beneficial to the health of your smile. Unfortunately, your general dentist may not always be available to care for your dental emergencies when they arise. This is because the vast majority of dental clinics book their appointments weeks and even months in advance. With limited hours during the week and no weekend openings, it can be difficult when you have a condition that needs treated right away. This is where seeing the Emergency Dentist in Lehigh Valley can be so important.

When Should You See the Emergency Dentist?

The Emergency Dentist in Lehigh Valley can treat you for a variety of oral health concerns and you can be seen the same day, without an appointment. These dental clinics are perfect for those who experience acute dental conditions, requiring immediate treatment. You should seek dental care right away when you notice:

     *     Severe pain in your teeth that will not go away

     *     Swelling in the jaw

     *     Fever accompanied with tooth pain

     *     Pus drainage or swelling in the gum tissue

     *     An injury of any type

     *     A missing filling, broken crown or other dental appliance damage

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you can walk in and see the Emergency Dentist in Lehigh Valley without any appointment. Most of these dental clinics see patients in the order they come in or based on how severe their dental condition is. You may have a wait time, but you will be able to see the dentist the same day. This can bring your condition under control, until you can see your general dentist.

If you are in need of general or emergency dental care, visit Bethlehem Family Dental. They will be glad to provide you and your family with the dental services you require, to ensure your smile stays healthy. Contact them today and allow them to begin caring for your smile.

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