Why Should I Choose All on Four Implants Over Other Options?

While you may have to say goodbye to the last of your natural teeth, that doesn’t mean you have to stop smiling. There are several alternatives to consider. One of them is All on 4 dental implants in Chicago. Here are a few reasons why this solution is so popular today.

Teeth in a Day

Speed has a lot to do with the why so many people choose All on 4 dental implants in Chicago. Since the procedure calls for inserting four implants in the upper and lower jaws, then attaching dental plates, it’s literally possible to come into the office with no teeth and leave with a full set after just a few hours. While it will take a few days for your permanent plates to be ready, the temporary ones will serve you well in the interim.

A Fast Recovery

The recovery time for this solution is much shorter than with individual implants. That’s something many people also find attractive about this procedure. The minor swelling and discomfort that comes with the relatively low number of implants needed means you will be feeling like yourself in just a few days.

A Durable Solution That Lasts Longer

There is no doubt that All on 4 dental implants for Chicago patients are durable and last longer than your standard set of dentures. It’s not unusual for this solution to last longer than two or even three sets of dentures. As a bonus, the implants also help preserve the shape of your jaw. That’s something dentures would never accomplish.

Do you want to know more about All on 4 implants? The team at Chicago Dental Arts is happy to help. Visit https://www.chicagodentalarts.com/ today and schedule your appointment. Once you find out how simple this implant solution happens to be, there will be no doubt about what to do next.

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