2 Tips That Make Recovering From Extractions in Arlington Heights Easier

While teeth extractions are among the most common of dental procedures, it’s important to avoid certain actions until the socket heals. While most people understand that rinsing during the first 24 hours after an extraction takes place is important, they may not be aware of other ways to ensure the healing period proceeds without incident. Here are two tips that will make the days after those extractions in Arlington Heights a little easier and safer.

Avoid Heavy Lifting for a Few Days

For the first three or four days after the extraction, don’t lift anything more than a few pounds. Even then, do not lift anything over the head. The goal is to avoid any activities that could cause the patient to grind or clench the teeth. It also eases pressure on the oral cavity and allows the open socket to heal a little faster.

Don’t Brush Around the Empty Socket

While rinsing after the first day is usually considered fine, take care when brushing the teeth for several more days. Don’t brush the area on or immediately around the empty socket. Doing so could irritate the area and lead to more bleeding. That in turn could increase the potential for inflammation.

For the first several days after those extractions in Arlington Heights, use clean gauze to gently wipe around the socket. That coupled with rinsing after the first 24 hours are over will be enough to keep the area clean. Assuming the socket does heal properly, it’s possible to resume brushing in and around the area, although it’s a good idea to brush lightly for another week or so.

There are other safeguards to take in the days after a tooth extraction. The dentist will provide a list of things to avoid in the interim. Follow the list to the letter and the healing should proceed without any complications.

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