3 Reasons You May Need A Restorative Dentist in West Fargo, ND

Teeth are a necessary part of your body that requires frequent maintenance in order to remain healthy. However, sometimes you may have an issue that requires a little more than just brushing and flossing. Here are some reasons why you may need to have restorative work done.

You Have A Cavity

Cavities can be a pain, literally, and cause more than just a toothache and bad breath. While traditionally you would have the cavity drilled and filled with metal in order to supplement the missing areas, restorative dentistry allows for another option. By choosing a restorative dentist in West Fargo, ND, you can have your cavity filled with material that is free of metals and so lifelike that only you and your dentist will know it is there.

Cracked Tooth

If you suffer from a cracked tooth, you could definitely benefit from dental restoration. The cracked tooth can be fixed with the use of a bonding procedure in which the tooth is completed with a particular substance that is shaped and left to harden. Or, in severe cases, a crown may even be used in order to cover a larger area where the teeth are fractured or even missing.

Missing Teeth

Speaking of missing teeth, unlike dentures, dental restoration can help you achieve the most natural appearance possible when it comes to tooth replacement. While it is certainly possible to replace a multitude of teeth, if you have one or two missing teeth, you can have your smile restored in a way that is most natural, and totally functional.

When looking for a restorative dentist in West Fargo, ND, make sure that the dentist is experienced in the procedure you are inquiring about. Also, ask about the different techniques used and services offered, so you can make the most informed decision.
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