5 Questions About Electrolysis

Unwanted hair isn’t likely to go away if you pluck or shave. If you want to do away with all the hassle and stress that dealing with unwanted hair can bring, then consider getting an electrolysis in Philadelphia.

What is it?
This is a hair removal treatment. It refers to a process that involves the removal of individual hairs from your face or body, the WebMD explains.

What are the side effects?
If you’re interested but worried about side-effects, don’t be. There are rarely any, though a slight reddening of the skin may occur. Swelling may happen as well. However, that shouldn’t take more than a few days to go away. Properly done, the process shouldn’t result in any permanent side effects.

Is it painless?
You can expect a bit of discomfort when you undergo electrolysis in Philadelphia. However, some people may not mind the discomfort. Others may find it painful. Depending on how high your threshold for pain is, you may find the experience anywhere from involving mild tingling to intense pain.

Is it successful?
The procedure has a success rate of about 93 percent. That’s a pretty good number. However, beyond the numbers, make sure you do your homework. The best way to make sure you get successful results is to go choose expert and trained pros to perform the procedure. Their skills and knowledge can make a huge difference in the results.

Do home gadgets work?
If the procedure isn’t done properly, then it could lead to regrowth, infection, and scarring. The best way to avoid all that is to choose a professional to do the procedure. That rules out the use of home gadgets. If you want the best results, then don’t take risks. Look for pros to give you the peace of mind you need.

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