A Chanhassen, MN Dentist Can Keep Teeth Healthy and Beautiful

A dentist is an important part of a family’s medical care team. Painful and infected teeth are one of the main reasons that families go to a hospital emergency room. Last-minute care is a costly treatment option that they probably could have avoided if they had a family Dentist in Chanhassen, MN office to call. In fact, this is one of the possibilities they should ask about when selecting a Dentist to care for their family. Most dentists guarantee same-day emergency visits. Many will see patients after hours when they are in pain.

Many types of dental emergencies can be avoided by having regular dental examinations. Most dentists recommend patients have their teeth examined every six months. This regular schedule gives the dental hygienist a chance to thoroughly clean the teeth and gums to prevent cavities and gum disease. The dentist also looks at the patient’s mouth during the check-up. If they see any small cavities, they can fix them before they become big problems. It’s also a chance to connect with the patient and discover any concerns they might have.

Cosmetic dentistry has many techniques to make healthy teeth look beautiful. A patient might be self-conscious because their teeth are badly stained and chipped. Some stains resist the most powerful teeth whitening procedures. If this is the case, the dentist in Chanhassen, MN can recommend veneers. These are very thin but strong shells that fit over the front of the patient’s teeth. In just one or two visits, the patient will have uniform and perfectly shaped teeth that are all one color.

People are often self-conscious about gaps in their smiles due to tooth extractions. If the tooth was removed recently, the patient might be a good candidate for a dental implant. If the patient waits too long, the jawbone loses mass because it has no tooth to hold. In that case, an oral surgeon would have to augment the jawbone with a bone graft. As an alternative to this procedure, the patient might opt to close the gap with a permanent bridge. Today’s dentists have many options to give people a healthy and attractive smile.

Chanhassen Family Dentistry offers a full range of dental services in Chanhassen, MN. Their Doctor and Professional Staff are some of the best in the business, too.

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