Advantages And Disadvantages Of Getting A Root Canal In Grand Island NE

Have you recently visited the dentist and were told you have a tooth that can’t be filled? If so, you’re not alone. Every day there are thousands of people who visit their dentist only to be told they have a tooth that can’t be repaired. When this occurs, most patients only have two options available to them. The first option is to have the tooth pulled and the second option is to have a root canal. However, before deciding between these two choices, it’s often best to take a look at the advantages and disadvantage of a Root Canal in Grand Island NE.

One advantage of going ahead and having a root canal done is it will help preserve your natural tooth. Sadly, when you have one or more of your natural teeth removed, your other teeth start to suffer because they experience a greater amount of pressure when you eat. Another advantage of a root canal is they are successful about ninety-five percent of the time. Plus, if you plan to get a replacement tooth, a root canal can actually be cheaper than a prosthesis.

It’s very easy to see there’s a number of advantages of having a root canal, but there can be negative effects of a root canal, too such as the tooth will no longer be as strong as your other existing teeth. In fact, it will likely be brittle and be susceptible to breaking. Plus, root canals normally only last about ten years before patients end up having to have their tooth removed. Another disadvantage of a root canal is that it is an in-depth procedure. Unlike a tooth extraction, which can be done in minutes, a root canal will likely take several hours.

Making the decision to have a Root Canal in Grand Island NE can often be a difficult one. That’s why most dentists advise their patients to spend a little time thinking about whether or not this procedure is right for them. However, if you’ve already decided you would like to have a root canal, but would prefer to go to a different dentist, you should check out Business Name. The team is currently accepting new patients and would be happy to take care of all of your dental needs. So, be sure to give them a call today to schedule your first visit. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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