Benefits of Teeth Whitening in SoHo New York

A person who has severely stained teeth will over be looking at ways he or she can correct the problem. While they may think of trying retail products to try to help in treating the issue, this is often a bad idea. Retail products generally do not use professional strength products. A person with severe teeth stains will need to see a dentist about Teeth Whitening in SoHo New York.

A dentist will be able to examine the patient’s teeth thoroughly and determine if professional whitening will be beneficial or if the staining is so severe it may be necessary to use dental veneers to try to cover up the damage.

In most cases, the dentist will decide to use Teeth Whitening in SoHo New York for teeth staining issues. However, there are some stain issues such as from medications or due to hereditary issues, which teeth whitening products will have little effect on. In these cases, the patient may need to consider dental veneers. A dental veneer is a custom designed porcelain shell, which is placed over the patient’s tooth to cover up the flaws in the tooth. This is generally used for severely stained or discolored teeth.

Most people will be able to benefit from professional whitening in the dentist’s office. The process generally entails the dentist first professionally cleaning the patient’s teeth to remove any buildup of tartar or plaque. A professional whitening product made of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is then applied to the teeth. A heat lamp or laser light is applied to the teeth to help in activating the product and speeding the process.

Once the whitening product is activated, it breaks down into oxygen and begins to move into the pores of the teeth. Since stains and other discolorations are present in the pores, it will begin to break these areas apart until they are destroyed. This allows more light to flood into the tooth. This additional light makes the patient’s teeth look brighter and whiter as well.

Many patients will notice changes in the appearance of their teeth immediately after treatment. However, a dentist may recommend subsequent treatments to help the patient in achieving the best-looking teeth possible.

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