Answers To Important Questions About Pediatric Dentistry In Warrenton VA

For healthy teeth that last a lifetime, it’s essential that your child starts visiting a dentist at an early age. To get the best dental care for your child, consider taking your child to a dentist who specializes in pediatric dentistry in Warrenton VA. Below you’ll learn the answers to important questions about the oral health of your child.

Q.) At what age should a child go to the dentist for a first checkup?

A.) It’s important that you schedule a dental appointment for your child within six months after the first erupted tooth. Your child will most likely have at least one tooth by one year old, so you should make a dental appointment shortly thereafter. At the first visit, a dentist who specialize in pediatric dentistry will examine your child’s teeth, gums and jaws to make sure there are no developing problems.

Q.) What is the purpose of sealants and does a child really need them?

A.) A dentist applies sealants to a child’s teeth to help prevent cavities from materializing. This substance seals the teeth from harmful bacteria that can cause tooth decay. The back teeth, or molars, are exceptionally susceptible to tooth decay and the sealant forms a barrier between the teeth and the bacteria. By around the age of six, when the permanent teeth have erupted, sealants should be applied. By placing sealants on your child’s teeth, there will be less of a chance for tooth decay.

Q.) Why is it important that a child visit the dentist before the permanent teeth erupt?

A.) Even though your child will eventually lose all the baby teeth, a dentist can often determine oral issues before the permanent teeth erupt. To maintain healthy teeth and gums, these problems must be diagnosed and treated early. If the baby teeth aren’t developing properly, this can cause issues with the permanent teeth as they begin to erupt. Regular visits to a dentist who performs pediatric dentistry in Warrenton VA can catch these issues before they develop into a serious tooth problem.

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