Benefits of Using an Invisalign Professional In Staten Island

There are several reasons for wanting to straighten your teeth. Some choose to do so to improve their confidence and feel better about their appearance. Others straighten their teeth because it makes dental hygiene easier. There are also others who do so because it is beneficial to them professionally.

Whatever the reason, there is now another option for those looking to straighten their teeth. Contacting an Invisalign specialist in Staten Islands can be well worth the money. Invisalign is a recently developed method for straightening your teeth that is just as effective as braces, but has several advantages over braces.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is a transparent plastic mold that fits around your teeth and gradually straightens them. The fact that they are transparent is a huge benefit over traditional braces. People don’t enjoy braces and a large part of that is because they’re highly visible.

The high visibility makes people uncomfortable and they feel awkward because there is some social stigma associated with wearing braces. This is true both for kids and adults. Kids can be teased for wearing braces for various reasons and adults can also be teased for wearing braces because “only kids wear braces”.

One of the benefits of Invisalign is that it takes this awkwardness out of wearing braces because they are transparent and low profile so people typically don’t know you’re wearing them.

What are the Benefits to Invisalign?

Another benefit to Invisalign is that they are removable, unlike braces with are fixed in place. This is a huge advantage over braces for several reasons.

First, it makes oral hygiene much easier. It is extremely difficult to brush or floss with traditional braces. Also, braces create nooks where food and other debris can get stuck. None of this is a problem when using Invisalign. When you want to brush or floss, simply remove the plastic mold and brush or floss like anyone else would.

The ability to remove Invisalign is also helpful if there’s a certain event where you would rather not wear the mold. If you have something important at school or work, for example, you may feel more comfortable not wearing the mold. Simply take the mold out and go about your business and when you’re done put the mold back in.

Why Choose Invisalign Professionals in Staten Island?

The options for Invisalign are much more developed than braces are. With braces you can’t take them out and this can be disadvantageous during certain events. You must go through your event feeling self-conscious which may have several negative effects.

It can hurt you performance, take away from pictures, or any of a number of other possible negative outcomes. The ability to remove Invisalign makes it a much superior product than traditional braces.

Choosing a great Invisalign dentist in Staten Island can make the process easier. It’s important to make sure you contact Brooklyn Orthodontics professional in order to get this great product instead of traditional braces.

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