What Treatments Are Considered Surgical Dentistry in Macon, GA?

Often when a dentist proposes dental surgery, their patients experience a feeling of panic or outright fear. Dental surgery is thought to be a painful and costly operation. Many patients are unaware that dental surgery is quite frequent and involves operations that address problems that affect a large number of individuals.

Here is a quick look at what treatments are considered surgical dentistry in Macon, GA.

Root Canals

The most prevalent form of dental surgery is root canal treatment. Root canals are usually painless and highly efficient in relieving pain. A soft core termed dental pulp lies underneath the enamel of a tooth. Bacteria penetrate the tooth when it is decaying and destroys the pulp. Dental discomfort, swelling, and possible neck or jaw pain are all symptoms of infected pulp. Through Surgical Dentistry In Macon, GA, a surgeon can cure this by extracting the infected pulp and removing the decaying part of the tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The removal of four adult teeth in the back, bottom, and top corners of your mouth is known as wisdom tooth extraction. These are the third molars, which generally appear between the ages of 17 and 25. To find an office that performs this kind of work, search for surgical dentistry near me.

Wisdom teeth that don’t have enough room to grow might become impacted, causing discomfort, mouth infections, and other dental issues. Even if impacted teeth are not a concern, dentists frequently recommend wisdom tooth removal as a precaution.

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