Better Smile Tips from your Local Dentists in Shorewood WI

It’s no surprise that bright, white smiles can make any person appear attractive and younger. The AACD (American Academy Cosmetic Dentistry) says that an eye-popping 95 percent believe attractive smiles can make people more appealing. However, great dental health is not just about the way someone looks. Your mouth is a gateway, which means your gums and teeth affect your health. By adhering to a few tips, your smile (and your body) will be healthy for life.

     *     Brush regularly. Great dental hygiene and brushing are intertwined; you cannot have one without the other. Brushing removes bacteria that food leaves behind; it cleans the teeth and freshens your breath. Using fluoride toothpaste will also strengthen teeth, but time plays a factor here. Brushing for 30 seconds will not do your mouth any good.

     *    Dentists in Shorewood WI recommend that you brush for two to three minutes.

     *    Floss daily. Start by removing bacteria from teeth, especially in areas where the toothbrush cannot reach. This simple step will help prevent gum disease. Dentists recommend people floss twice daily, but before bedtime is essential. This is because the body produces less saliva when you’re sleeping, something of which helps rid the mouth of bacteria.

     *    Visit the dentist. Visiting a dentist bi-annually for cleanings is very important. Dentists in Shorewood WI are able to spot signs of tooth decay and gum disease before they get out of hand.

     *    Eat healthy. Dairy and other healthy foods in your diet is vital for a healthy smile. Calcium can help you maintain strong teeth and bones, and vitamin C boosts gum health.

     *    Don’t smoke/use tobacco. A person who uses tobacco products is more likely to experience gum disease or tooth loss. They can even contribute to halitosis, also known as bad breath.

     *    Whiten teeth. Even though these benefits are purely cosmetic, whitening is still a safe procedure that helps give you the smile you desire. Many products that you can purchase OTC (over-the-counter) are effective. However, you should speak to your dental professional before deciding to undergo any whitening procedure.

It is very important that you consult your dentist before making any decisions concerning your oral health. You only have one set of permanent teeth and you dentist will stress the importance of correct care and hygiene. For more information, contact the dental office of Frank R. Galka D.D.S. Today.

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