Teeth Bleaching in Long Island Can Improve Teeth Health

Most people turn away from teeth bleaching in Long Island and in other areas, because they believe that bleaching the teeth will lead to tooth sensitivity or will damage their teeth in some way. Prior treatments for bleaching could have led to problems, but there are new options for people who want to have beautifully white teeth without the damage or sensitivity to cold and hot items.

Newer Materials

Philips Oral Healthcare has created a material that will whiten teeth and will also help improve the surface quality. This will lead to healthier teeth, in general, but will also lead to white teeth with less sensitivity. For those suffering from hot or cold sensitivities, it can be difficult to eat the foods you love that are healthy for you. Examples include fruits, vegetables and cooked proteins.

The new material has a special mineral that adds a micro-coating to the tooth surface, which makes the teeth more acid-resistant, shinier and stronger. It is a known fact that acid from foods and drink can eat away the enamel, causing tooth sensitivity. The material also offers potassium, which will minimize sensitivity for teeth and will also provide anti-cavity benefits because it includes fluoride.

The new gel can be used at home and purchased through your Long Beach dental office. You would need to visit your dentist for a short visit so that the dentist can make as many bleaching trays as you will need, then wear those trays at night with a special gel. You will get whiter teeth while sleeping. This process will usually take one to two weeks.

Office Procedures

If you don’t feel comfortable doing a whitening procedure on your own, then you can always visit your dentist and have an office visit to whiten teeth. With one visit, you can have whiter teeth.

For people who want maximum results immediately, this treatment can work best, because it can be done is as little as one visit. It will depend on how dark your teeth are, as to how many treatments you will need, but most people only need one visit. The ZOOM system is different in that it has different intensity settings that allow customized treatments that will ensure patient comfort. This means that the setting can be altered for different patients. If you have off-white teeth, a lower setting is needed and if you have really dark, stained teeth, a higher setting will be required.



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