Can Dental Veneers Help Me?

Getting dental veneers in Beverly Hills is one of the most common cosmetic reasons for a dental appointment in this city. Patients opt for dental veneers in Beverly Hills due to them being less intrusive than braces while still being completely safe. If you believe there is room for improvement for your teeth, this procedure might be for you.

What Are Dental Veneers?

In Beverly Hills, veneers are teeth colored porcelain shells that are used to hide the discoloration and misalignment of teeth. The shells are placed over the tooth, resulting in a new look. The process is irreversible, and the shells tend to last for almost 15 years before needing to be replaced.

Dental veneers are used to treat the following conditions:

-Discoloration of teeth
-Chipped or broken teeth
-Gaps in teeth
-Misaligned teeth

How Are They Installed?

The installation of dental veneers in Beverly Hills usually require three trips to the dentist. The first trip is the diagnosis stage. During this stage, the dentist will complete an examination to make sure that your teeth are compatible with this procedure. If you are deemed eligible, the dentist will also go over the treatment plan during this appointment.

Your dentist will prepare you for the procedure during the second appointment. Preparation includes removing enamel from your teeth in order to make a model to ensure proper fitting. The enamel is sent to a laboratory where the model is created and sent back. This usually takes 2 weeks.

The final step of the procedure takes place during the third appointment. Your dentist will trim the model until it fits on your teeth perfectly. After the perfect fit is found, the model will be cemented to your teeth. Once the cement dries, your procedure is complete.

Dental veneers in Beverly Hills are a fantastic cosmetic option that can improve the look of your teeth. Regardless of the reason your teeth aren’t as beautiful as they can be, this procedure can fix it. If you believe that you can benefit from this surgery, contact your dentist and schedule an examination to determine if you are eligible.

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