Caring for Your Teeth with Dentures in Kona

Maintaining proper dental hygiene isn’t just the stuff of pediatric dentist visits. As you age, you need to continue to care for your teeth properly to prevent tooth decay and the eventual need for Dentures in Kona. In addition to preventing the loss of your teeth, proper dental care can also prevent gum disease, which has been shown to be directly correlated to heart disease. As you can see, your mouth health is about so much more than a shiny smile.

To ensure you are taking the best care of your teeth, double check that you are doing everything in the proper order. First, you should floss. This removes debris and plaque from between your teeth. It also makes your toothpaste more effective, but removing obstacles that it may reach. You should floss once a day. Next, brush your teeth (and not just left to right, which can irritate the gums, but gently at a 40 degree angle). You should brush three times a day -; try to make it a point to either brush after each meal, or at designated times of the day (for example: when you wake up, after lunch, and before bed). Finally, rinse with a fluorinated mouth wash. It is important to use the mouthwash after brushing, as it is somewhat acidic. If you rinse before brushing, the abrasiveness of the toothbrush could have a negative effect on your tooth enamel.

In addition to proper brushing, you should do your best to limit sugary treats that can cause tooth decay. It could also be helpful to limit simple carbohydrates, which contain sugars as well. As with many healthy diets, it’s best to stick to whole grains and limited amounts of sugar to maintain the best possible dental health.

Sometimes, especially with old age, it becomes impossible for you to prevent losing your teeth. If you end up needing to look for Dentures in Kona, consider Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. By caring for your teeth daily in the right order, and watching what you eat, you can keep your teeth in great shape for years to come! Visit website for more information.

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