Getting to Know Oneself Through Ayurveda in India

Medical practices vary around the world. Because of diverse cultures coming together, medical practices have blended and are practiced all over the world. Medicine in the Eastern culture differs slightly from medicinal practices in the West, but the results are the same. One such medical practice in the East, particularly India, is Ayurveda. Ayurveda, from a Sanskrit word meaning “life knowledge,” is from India and involves the country’s practices of both traditional and alternative medicine. There is an organization and institute that teaches Ayurveda in India. They want to inform the public more about their unique brand of practicing medicine.

Ayurveda India at Aithein is the concept provided by owners Gagora Mitra and her husband Nikhil Gupta. The name Aithein stems from a Greek term which means “to rekindle, to relight or to burn once more.” The idea is to practice medicine in such a way as to restore youth again. This is the vision of the Aithein organization in India, then, is to bring restoration and vitality to the bodies of their patients/ students, and cause the power within them to be awakened. They endeavor to do this by the active interaction of scientific effects of therapeutic healing and touching forms (massages) of alternative medicine and all the services it provides.

At the Aithein institute, where the Ayurveda practices are used, the students are encouraged to really get in touch with themselves. They all come to the program with their own set of challenges and opportunities. From that base, they learn to set goals that will help them reach that place where they are able to understand how physical and psychological problems impact the body. The end goal is to empower the students to become healers through the institute’s invigorating training in theory and practical application. All four aspects of the human body are covered.

Since 2005, Aithein has been providing Ayurveda training in India for those who seek to get in touch with themselves. They have been implementing the arts and science of Ayurveda medical practices.

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