CEREC; Crowns In A Single Visit To Your Dentist

CEREC stands for “ceramic reconstruction” or better yet “chair-side economical restoration of esthetic ceramics.” What this boils down to is that a dentist that has been trained in the technology can produce a ceramic crown in a single visit to the office.

CEREC in Arlington Heights utilizes hi-tech 3D photography; coupled with CAD/CAM for the design and production of the crown; there is no need for impressions, the entire process takes place while you are sitting in the dentist’s chair.

There are a number of reasons why your dentist might recommend a crown. A crown is basically a cap that covers a tooth that has been prepared; they are usually used on a tooth that has been subjected to a root canal procedure, a tooth that has cracked or broken off or to cover a tooth that has been weakened due to a large filling.

How do you benefit from CEREC?

As the patient you can now get a tooth restoration in one visit, a crown can be produced and fitted in two hours or less and in many cases at less cost than a traditional crown. The results are outstanding, the crown looks great, is long lasting and metal free. As a busy patient you get exactly what you want; one visit at an equal or even better price than a conventional crown.

How is the work done?

Once the dentist has prepared the target tooth the tooth is photographed. The 3D photo is used to approximate the shape of the crown; the dentist refines the model using sophisticated CAD/CAM software. Once the dentist is happy with the shape a milling machine produces the CEREC in Arlington Heights from a solid block of ceramic material. Within a matter of a couple of hours the crown is complete, it is then bonded to the previously prepared tooth with a special adhesive.

CEREC is another example of modern dentistry is employing hi-tech materials and procedures to enhance the patient experience.

CEREC in Arlington Heights is the preferred way to get a crown, it is fast and economical. You may be a great candidate for CEREC, to find out you are invited to make an appointment with James Kakos, DDS.

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