Varicose Veins: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

While varicose veins are unsightly, the condition isn’t dangerous, unless in rare cases. It’s about 25 percent more common in women, Healthline explains. Typically a result of faulty valves in your veins, the enlarged, twisting, swollen veins could lead to cramps and aches. In addition, it could also result in ulceration of your legs.

Common causes

Most cases involve hereditary causes. Hormonal factors are also a consideration. These include pregnancy, menopause and puberty. The use of birth control pills along with HRT can also put someone more predisposed to developing this condition. Aging, and obesity as well as any leg injuries could be a factor as well. If you spend most of your time standing, you could be more at risk of developing the condition too.

Possible treatments

Treatment options for varicose veins in Los Angeles CA include several medical procedures. From sclerotherapy vein treatment to vein ligation and stripping, these procedures offer patients the opportunity to reduce these symptoms and ease any of their pain or discomfort.


While the most common symptom of the condition is the growth of misshapen, swollen and visible veins at the back of your legs, the condition is also characterized by pain or heaviness in the area. If you feel like your legs are sore or achy, this could happen around the affected spots, over or around the veins. In severe cases, the veins could swell and bleed, resulting in ulcers.

Other possible problems

If left untreated, varicose veins could lead to the following conditions: phlebitis, bleeding and deep vein thrombosis, among others. To prevent these conditions, don’t dismiss the growth. If you feel any of the symptoms, consult with a doctor or look for treatment options for varicose veins in Los Angeles CA early on. That way, you can easily resolve any issues before they get worse.

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