Checking for Periodontal Disease?

What is periodontal disease? Is the first thing a lot of patients ask once they have been asked by a dental specialist. Periodontal is essentially Gingivitis allowing plaque to build until the teeth become soft. This soft result can be recognized with signs of bleeding gums, or a darkened red color to the gum line where the teeth are held. If these two occurrences are happening contacting a periodontist in Chicago would be the best move.

What Brings on Periodontal Disease?

The list is long but, horrible oral health tends to be the leading cause. The daily routine of brushing at least twice daily, flossing or using mouthwash. Some believe that brushing once in the morning is enough and this is not the case. Brushing after every meal is ideal because plaque from sugars end up clinging to teeth throughout the day. So, brushing is essentially needed to provide a clean and healthy oral hygiene. If oral hygiene is continually ignored, tartar will develop. Gingivitis has now actively begun when it comes to tartar within the gum lining. Tartar can cultivate small spaces within the gums where bacteria hides.

Is Tartar Treatable?

Once tartar has settled into the gum lining where the tooth meets, inflammation will arise. This is classified as a subtle beginning to gingivitis but should be taken seriously. If inflammation is ignored then the progression towards more bacteria grown pockets will continue and the inflammation will only get worse. Here is where an infection can begin and spread along the pockets where the teeth are settled, to the underlining of the gums. Ultimately leading to various deteriorations of bone and the periodontal ligament. All tissue in the mouth will be exposed to this aggressive form of gingivitis at this point.

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