Dentist in Somerset – Some Knowledge About Canker Sores

Canker sores are the type of sores that happen in mouth, and they pain a lot. If you have such type of sores, and you live in Somerset, you should contact your dentist to get the treatment. But to know what is link of canker sores to the teeth is described in this article. First of all you should know that, it can happen at any age between 10 to 40, but people over it may also suffer such disease. Women are more prone to such sores than men. Research has found that bacteria, or some kind of a virus causes this disease, but it’s not a contagious type, and can be cured as well.

Reasons behind the sores?

* It’s found among the patients whose mouth gets injured for some reason, especially among the players. Sometimes a person happens to bite the inner skin of cheek which can also cause sores, whereas sometimes biting the lip can be the reason of canker development. It can grow by taking very hot or cold food or a drink. Foods with high spicy contents can cause cankers due to acids being produced in the mouth.

* Some people take smokeless tobacco, which is the main reason of creating sores, and this happens because of the chemicals, which are present in tobacco. This happens to those who are addicted to tobacco, as they keep it in mouth for a certain time period so it causes sores. Those living in Somerset can find some good dentists to get the treatment of such sores.

* Sometimes, if dentures are not fitted well, it can be a reason behind sores, and this happens at a place where dentures touch the soft mouth tissues. In this case, you should get the dentures realigned to remove sores. In fact this is the most common reason behind such disease, so you should frequently visit your dentist if you have dentures.

* They are also caused by various orthodontics attachments, as bands or brackets etc, and this happens when these elements strike the soft tissues. It’s been found that it happens among patients who are in an early stage of having orthodontics. It can also happen among patients, who are allergic to metals used in orthodontic devices.

* A cracked tooth can also cause sores, when it touches the inner tissues while eating or talking, due to misalignment. Moreover, if a restoration gets damaged, it can also cause the same issues in mouth.

* Stress is another reason which can alleviate this disease, hence it should be avoided.

* Sometimes, hormonal changes in a pregnancy, or due to menopause, or vitamin deficiency can also cause cankers. This is especially true about folic acid.

* The disease can also be inherited.

What to do about it?

Most of the time, such sores get cured without any treatment after a while, but if they don’t disappear within two weeks, the person should see a dentist, especially if they grow in size and severe pain happens while drinking or eating. A visit to the dentist also becomes necessary if it develops frequently and also when infection occurs including fever. If you have all such symptoms then see your dentist in Somerset.

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