Elk Grove Village Dental Patients Can Achieve Stunning Teeth Whitening Results in About an Hour with New Technique

Bright white teeth send a message to the world that communicates health, vitality, and youth. Not everyone is born with perfectly white teeth and as patients age, teeth can become discolored and stained. Modern dentistry offers patients a number of teeth whitening solutions that can brighten a smile.

There are many natural shades of tooth color that people are born with, ranging from a buttery yellow tint to very white. Besides heredity, other factors can affect and change tooth color over time. Certain illnesses, medical conditions, and medications can dull a smile. The aging process can take a toll as well. Patients who use tobacco will also see tooth color and oral health change for the worse.

Teeth can become stained by eating and drinking certain foods. The common culprits are coffee and tea as well as red wines. Other intensely colored foods can also stain the teeth like curry, spaghetti, and soy sauces as well as berries.

Regardless of the cause, modern cosmetic dentistry can dramatically improve the brightness of a patient’s smile using a number of techniques that will inspire a bright white toothy grin.

Patients who want Teeth Whitening in Elk Grove Village have the most advanced techniques available to them. Many dentists offer a home whitening kit that contains a series of trays with a strong tooth whitening formula. This kit is similar to over the counter treatments but contain much more powerful whitening agents and can only be purchased from a dentist. This option provides good results for many patients who wish to brighten their smiles. If a more intense approach is required, your dentist may have you make an appointment for in-office whitening treatments that include the application of more powerful whitening agents to achieve the desired look.

One of the most talked-about teeth whitening techniques is called Zoom!® Whitening. This treatment uses a combination of powerful whitening agents that are activated by a special Zoom!® light. Patients leave the dental office in about an hour, sporting a smile that is six to ten shades lighter and in some cases, becomes even brighter in the next few days after the treatment. Patients wishing for Teeth Whitening in Elk Grove Village should contact a dentist who offers these effective and up-to-date cosmetic dentistry techniques to achieve the bright white smile they desire. For more information, contact or visit Brian Homann DDS P.C.

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