Emergency Dentist in Bethlehem Restores Smiles and Relieve Pain

Life is full of unforeseen events that require people to change plans and take action to address surprises they didn’t see coming. One such event that can create a crisis situation is a dental emergency that requires immediate attention. Patients do not need to worry however, because emergency dentistry is available and dental professionals are ready to help when emergencies arise.

What constitutes a dental emergency? Toothache pain that becomes unmanageable and prevents eating or sleeping is considered an emergency. This pain can be attributed to a number of different things and only a dentist can determine what the cause of the pain is and how to deal with it. If the pain is due to an infection, a dentist can prescribe a treatment plan to rid the patient of the pain and the infection.

Blows to the mouth from sports, car accidents and other events can also become dental emergencies when teeth are knocked out or extruded, meaning loosened. Teeth that have been knocked out have the best chance of survival if the patient can see a dentist within an hour after the injury. Teeth that have been loosened can be stabilized and usually saved as well with emergency care.

An Emergency Dentist in Bethlehem can perform emergency extractions and root canals along with other procedures to address a number of dental emergencies. Denture wearers can also avail themselves to emergency care and have dentures repaired so normal day to day life can be restored.

Patients in the Bethlehem area who suddenly fall victim to a broken and chipped tooth might consider contacting an Emergency Dentist in Bethlehem for treatment if pain is an issue. Otherwise, making an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible is recommended. Ignoring a broken or chipped tooth usually leads to decay, infection and pain, requiring more dental care in the future.

Loosing fillings and crowns may be uncomfortable, but not usually considered an emergency. If there is pain that accompanies the loss, then an Emergency Dentist in Bethlehem can be called and a prudent course of action can be initiated.

An Emergency Dentist is a fully licensed dentist who addresses sudden dental issues after hours. They usually perform standard dental care including preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry, designed to improve the overall dental health and the smiles of their patients.



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