Fixed Bridge Tooth Replacement in Franklin MA is the Best Solution to Restore Missing Teeth

Dentures have been used for decades to restore missing teeth. A complete denture is only used for individuals who have very few teeth left if any, and the solution is a complete set of teeth. Of course, very few overall patients fit those particular criteria. Most have a few teeth that can be salvaged, and that addresses a few possibilities at Alpha Dental Center. Some patients may receive a partial set of dentures.

But that is not all. If a patient has some teeth remaining, they will typically recommend a fixed bridge Tooth Replacement in Franklin MA. What is a fixed bridge, and why is it considered a superior option to partial dentures in comparison?

A fixed bridge traditionally fits between two natural teeth. The gap can be quite wide, with up to about four teeth across or more. The space between the two teeth is where the fixed bridge is going to go. The two teeth on each of the sides will be fitted to accompany the addition of a bridge. This often involves shifting them or creating a crown that can be used as an anchor point.

So far, this does not seem particularly different from a partial set of dentures. The main difference is astounding. Instead of being fitted and often removed from the mouth like dentures, the fixed bridge is cemented in place. It is not removed at all on a daily or weekly basis. This alone makes it the best option for Tooth Replacement in Franklin MA for many patients.

The bridge will be recreated in a lab so that it fits the pre-existing natural teeth. It will also be colored, so it matches easily with the other present teeth. Patients may have a temporary bridge that is removed daily while the permanent bridge is being made. The temporary bridge can help reshape the natural teeth and make a patient comfortable with the addition of a permanent bridge.

The fact that the bridge is cemented in place makes it far superior to dentures. The feeling of a natural smile and a natural bite is a lot richer, and patients are responding.

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