Getting Teeth Whitening Treatments From Your Dentist in Northbrook, IL

by | Jan 19, 2024 | Cosmetic Dentists


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Ideally, your teeth should be a pearly white color. However, it can be challenging to maintain your teeth’s natural color, especially as you get older. You can try the teeth-whitening toothpaste and treatments available at the pharmacy, but, ultimately, you’ll get the best results by requesting teeth-whitening services from your dentist in Northbrook, IL.

Getting Teeth Whitening

There are several reasons why your teeth may end up discolored, including worn enamel, diet, smoking, and medications. Worn enamel, which is caused by old age and trauma, and stains caused by certain medications tend to be the most difficult stains to remove.

It’s important to remember that crowns and implants may respond differently to whitening treatments than your regular teeth. Your dentist in Northbrook, IL will examine your teeth to determine the best treatment option for your condition.

KOR Deep Bleaching

KOR deep bleaching not only bleaches your teeth but also allows your teeth to absorb more oxygen, ensuring that the results last. It uses innovative bleaching trays to apply the bleaching solution to your teeth effectively and completely, especially compared to OTC solutions.

KOR Deep Bleaching involves an average of two dentist appointments on top of four weeks of at-home treatments. On average, patients get results 16 shades whiter than when they first started treatment.


Patients with stains too deep for the KOR Deep Bleaching treatments aren’t completely out of luck. Veneers are fitted teeth colorings that can cover your dental imperfections, including deep stains.

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