What to Expect When Visiting the Pediatric Dentist in Orland Park

by | Jan 5, 2024 | Pediatric Dentistry


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A visit to the pediatric dentist can be nerve-wracking for you and your child. However, you need to remain calm because children can sense when their parents are worried. Start by learning what to expect at an appointment with a pediatric dentist in Orland Park.

Dental Exam

The dentist checks your child’s teeth and gums to ensure everything is healthy. This includes looking for cavities, impact teeth, or signs of gum disease.

Gentle Cleaning

If your little one already has several teeth, their dentist gives them a gentle cleaning with specialized tools and flavored paste. Teeth cleaning is a painless procedure that only takes a few minutes.

Dental X-Ray

Older children may need an X-ray to give their dentist a better view of their teeth. A dental X-ray is also part of a jaw exam, which allows dentists to check the jaw for unusual noises, painful movements, and other problems.

Oral Hygiene Tips

During the appointment, their dentist provides tips for maintaining your child’s oral hygiene. For example, they may share ideas for encouraging younger children to brush twice a day.

Evaluation of Appointment

At the end of the appointment, their dentist shares information such as how your child’s teeth are growing and whether there are gum issues. They will also let you know if there are not any oral problems at all and when to schedule the next appointment.

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