How A Dentist Diagnoses Disease In The Mouth

One of the biggest issues in the country right now is health care. Health care is a service that is provided by medial professionals that are trained to improve the lives of the people that they treat through healing. You may not think about it very much, but an important part of your health is your mouth. The teeth, gums, and tongue are extremely important to your overall health and just for the fact that you need the structures there to enjoy food. When you have a problem with your teeth it is important for you to visit dentists in Bend Oregon to get the problem diagnosed and eventually fixed.

When you visit dentists in Bend Oregon, there are a number of different procedures that they will do to see if you have cavities, bone loss, gum disease, or other problems in your mouth, so it is wise to know what is going on beforehand. Something that almost all dentists in Bend Oregon will do if you are a new patient, and probably every year after that, is take dental x-rays. Dental x-rays are a way for a dentist to see what is happening between your teeth and under the gum line where it is impossible to see with the naked eye. If you do have tooth decay in these areas, the dentist will be able to remove them with little more than a small numbing shot and a little bit of drill work.

Another thing that dentists in Bend Oregon will do to evaluate the health of your mouth is an oral examination. To perform an intraoral examination the dentist will use his or her tools to check the surfaces of your teeth for signs of decay. He or she will also visually inspect the tissues that surround the teeth for recession, and any lesions that could be cancerous. This exam is not painful at all and only takes a few minutes, but will quickly identify any problems that you have.

Some dentists in Bend Oregon will also do a head and neck examination. A head and neck examination is where the dentist feels around your head and neck to check for a variety of things including bony structures, lymph nodes, salivary glands, and even for tumors. You may be surprised but dentists are often the first to find tumors while doing these exams.


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