How to Facilitate Healing After Lasik Surgery in Honolulu

Most patients anxiously awaiting Lasik Surgery in Honolulu are only thinking about one thing, and that’s seeing better. It’s important for them to realize that while their vision will be improved almost immediately, there are still certain steps that they’ll have to take after the procedure to ensure that they heal correctly. Read on to find out about what to expect and how to facilitate adequate healing.

First Day

Patients should make a point of resting their eyes for at least two to four hours upon returning home and should make a point of wearing sunglasses when they go outside. It’s normal to experience some itching or burning in the hours immediately following Lasik surgery, but patients who experience severe pain should always call their doctors immediately. Expect any fogginess present post-procedure to be gone within a few hours.

First Week

Some temporary side effects such as dry eyes, tearing, and sensitivity to light may also occur as patients’ eyes begin to heal. Doctors typically prescribe eye drops to address these issues, but all of them should resolve themselves within a week. Patients should expect to come in for a follow-up within the first few days of their surgeries, as well.

In the meantime, they should avoid touching their eyes and should abstain from using makeup and eye creams around the area for the first week. They should also avoid potentially contaminated water in rivers, lakes, pools, and hot tubs and should not perform any strenuous exercise or play any contact sports. These activities can also be resumed with a doctor’s approval one week after surgery.

First Month

Most of the healing process will occur in the first week after surgery, but they should still take some precautions for the first month. These include wearing goggles while swimming or playing sports and attending any follow-up visits scheduled with the surgeon. Click here to know more.

Get Started Today

Want to get the ball rolling on Lasik Surgery in Honolulu? It’s important to find a surgeon who has plenty of experience performing Lasik procedures successfully. Check out Hawaii Vision Clinic online to find out about one local office that can help or call to schedule a consultation today.

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