What to Know about an Eye Exam in Andover, KS

Part of the routine care of every individual is to have the eyes checked at least once a year, more if necessary. Keeping the eye appointment is all part of a necessary process to ensure a person’s eyes can remain healthy throughout life and to discover any abnormalities that may need to be corrected. An eye care clinic that provides an Eye Exam in Andover KS wants potential patients to recognize the importance of getting an annual eye exam. Here are some things a person should know before getting the next eye exam.

What to Know about Eye Exams

In a typical eye exam, the doctor will check the person’s eyes using an eye chart or use high-powered lenses to get an accurate picture of the eyes. The sharpness of the eyes, also known as the visual acuity test is done as part of the exam (usually the standard eye chart). Testing a person for color blindness may also be one of the tests performed, as well as the simple cover test, where one eye is covered up to see how the eyes function together.

What Else to Know about Eye Exams

An eye movement test will also be performed to see how quickly the eyes can follow moving objects and how they fix on two separate objects. The doctor will also test for smooth eye movements, which can be slow movements or quick movements. The intent here is to discover if there is a problem with the eyes which may result in eye strain and other visual skills. A retinoscopy is done to determine at what ratio a person with prescription lenses will need the lenses to be.

An Eye Care Clinic in Kansas

There are many ophthalmologists, optometrists, and other eye care specialists who will attend to the eye care needs of patients throughout Kansas. Business Name is an eye clinic in Andover, Kansas that sees patients with various eye care needs and concerns. If an individual is in need of an Eye Exam in Andover KS, the clinic is available.

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