Improve a Smile or Anchor a Partial Denture With Dental Implants in Park Ridge IL

With proper care and regular dental appointments, a person’s teeth should last a lifetime. Unfortunately, there are times when one or more teeth become damaged, and an extraction is required. For instance, this can happen when a cavity spreads too far and damages the shell of the tooth or the tooth is damaged and cannot be repaired. This sort of problem actually causes others such as the subtle movement of the remaining teeth. The end result can be crooked or loose teeth as they attempt to fill in the missing space. One possible repair is a bridge which replaces the missing teeth, but this procedure doesn’t stop shifting very well. A better option in many cases may be dental implants in Park Ridge IL.

The dental implant is multiple step process to replace one or more missing teeth. In the case of a single tooth, the dentist will insert a small stud in the jawbone. This stud is typically titanium because of the metal’s strength and durability. This is generally a minor surgery, but the dentist will need to verify that there is enough existing jawbone to support the stress of an implant. If the bone is weak, then they may suggest the use of bone grafts to build up the area. This typically happens in cases where the tooth has been missing for a while, or another repair has been attempted. It may take about six months for dental implants in Park Ridge IL to heal properly.

Once the stud or implant portion of the procedure has been done, it is time to build the crown. The stud will be covered with a porcelain cap that simulates a normal tooth. This cap will be custom created so that it fits the space perfectly. There are several reasons for using porcelain, but the most important include strength and appearance. This material is extremely durable with very little wear from biting and chewing. Plus, porcelain resembles the original tooth material very closely, so the implants are difficult to notice. Implants are also useful for anchoring dental appliances. Many dental offices are recommending them for the use of holding bridges and dentures. If it is time to think about implants, contact the experts.

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