Unlock the Beautiful Potential of Your Smile With Teeth Bleaching in Westbury NY?

A beautifully white smile makes a person look younger and more attractive. Unfortunately, people begin to experience tooth stains as they go through life. When people age, their teeth become more porous and are more prone to developing stains. Tobacco, coffee, red wine and cola can all cause staining in the teeth. Fortunately, there is a treatment that can help. Through the dentist, a person can have teeth bleaching in Westbury NY. Teach bleaching helps to remove the deepest of stains, so a person’s smile becomes incredibly beautiful.

Removing stains through bleaching is the most effective form of treatment. A person first has the dentist protect their gums since bleaching solutions can often cause irritation. Once the gums are protected, the teeth whitening solution is brushed on the teeth. Bleaching solutions use a strong level of hydrogen peroxide to lift stains from the deepest dentin levels of the teeth. This area of the teeth is where most stains become trapped. When stains are in the dentin area, traditional toothpaste and at-home whitening kits are not effective.

Through teeth bleaching in Westbury NY, years of staining can be removed in under an hour. Though some people achieve their desired whitening results with one treatment, many patients will need more than one treatment to take their teeth up to ten shades lighter.

Once a person has had their teeth bleached, the results can last up to two years. Patients can work to keep their teeth whiter between treatments by avoiding known stain producers and brushing their teeth on a regular basis. Most dentists will have their patients use a whitening treatment protocol at home to keep stains away.

Teeth bleaching treatments are now safer and more effective than ever. With whiter teeth, a person will feel more confident in their appearance and will look years younger. To learn more about how these treatments work, website. This site outlines all of the services Dr. Gerald offers so patients can decide which treatments may benefit them the most. Through a consultation appointment, people can get started on protecting and beautifying their smiles. Call today for an appointment.

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