It’s Easier To Receive Dental Implants In Nanaimo

Improvements in dentistry are growing thanks to many technological advancements. For example, the use of CAD/CAM is standard in the dental industry. This technology improves the quality of dental restorations for patients. CAD/CAM stands for computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing. It is used to make ceramic crowns, veneers, bridges and abutments for dental implants.

CAD/CAM may be used if you receive Dental Implants in Nanaimo. Digital technology makes dental hardware more durable, fit better and look more natural. Growing use of lasers makes dental procedures quicker and easier. Manufacturers are building lasers that are more precise and less inexpensive at the same time. Therefore, more dental offices are using them for procedures like cleaning and scaling. Eventually, lasers could be made to reach any part of a tooth, replacing the dental drill. In addition, lasers are used in many tooth whitening treatments. Similarly, air-abrasion is used as an alternative to the drill. Air-abrasion allows the dentist to treat small cavities without using any anesthetic. A mixture of air and aluminum oxide makes pellets that blast away decay.

The invention of digital x-rays is amazing. It’s no longer necessary to have a machine to view x-rays. The image of a patient’s tooth is processed on the computer screen. Dentists can hit a key and switch to another view of a patient’s mouth. One of the best things about digital x-rays is reduced exposure to radiation. Dental implant technology is growing with the addition of mini-implants. Mini-implants are used to replace small teeth. Research is focused on cutting treatment time for implants. Now, some implants may be placed immediately after a tooth is removed. Experts say implants will soon be the standard of care if a tooth is removed. There is good news for patients who hate feeling numb after a procedure. The numbness makes it hard to eat, smile and talk. A new product reverses the effects of local anesthesia. Indeed, Oraverse cuts the numbness time in half. Oraverse is a form of a substance that’s been used in medical procedures for years. Hopefully, dental advancements will continue and will eventually make many procedures less expensive.

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