Options for Braces in St. Augustine FL

Braces are a cosmetic procedure used to improve the look of a person’s teeth. Most people are not born with perfectly aligned teeth, and require the help of an orthodontist. There are several options available to straighten your teeth, including the traditional braces, invisible or “Invisalign” braces, invisible braces that go on the inside of the teeth, or clear braces.

There are different costs associated with the different types of braces. On average, Invisalign may cost up to 1,000-2,000 more than traditional braces. This is based on the complexity of the case and the cost varies from one patient to the next. There are many cases that can be treated with either one. The additional cost usually comes from the lab fees associated with the creation of the Invisalign aligner trays. Invisalign braces require fewer office visits for Braces in St. Augustine FL area than traditional braces and have less discomfort from the wires and brackets of metal braces.

There are many drawbacks to the new Invisalign braces. The additional cost is a main concern, as well as the time it takes to make the new aligners that will be used to straighten your teeth. The Invisalign braces are not recommended for younger teenagers as it is easy to misplace the aligners, resulting in additional lab fees for replacements and the interrupted treatment while you wait for the replacement to arrive. The Invisalign system also takes self-discipline to wear. Because they are removable it is tempting to take them out more often than is advisable. For them to work they obviously must remain on your teeth. These aligners also require a special cleaner to keep them clean. This isn’t sold in the supermarket and must be purchased from your dentist or the company.

There are also advantages to using the Invisalign straightening system; most cosmetic in nature. These are invisible and are very difficult to notice unless you know what you are looking for. They also have a smooth surface which makes them more comfortable to wear. They are removable, so you will be able to discuss with your orthodontist for Braces St. Augustine FL the times when you can take them out. Traditional braces are still the only option for some people, but the new options are worth a try as well.

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