The Advantages of Metal Free Fillings

Most people don’t realize how many options there are for filling damaged teeth. One of the more popular ones is metal free fillings. And, considering all of the benefits, this is no surprise.

They Look Natural

Perhaps the most obvious of the benefits is metal free fillings have a natural appearance. They are made using a composite of materials that cure to the point of being hard and durable just like your natural teeth. However, they can be stained to blend in with your natural tooth color. This makes it so your fillings disappear, and no one can tell you’ve had anything done. We’ve all seen someone smile, laugh, or yawn only to reveal a mine of metal. With metal free fillings, this is not an issue and your teeth look as if they had always been perfect.

They Do Not Contain Mercury

Although the amount of mercury in metal fillings has been deemed safe by the American Academy of Dentistry, mercury is still bad for the body, and due to this fact, many people are more comfortable without having it in their mouths. Metal free fillings do not contain any mercury, so any worry about it is instantly eased.

They Are Safe for Pregnant Women

Due to the lack of mercury in metal free fillings, pregnant women can confidently have them put in without any concern. The small amounts of mercury in metal fillings may not hurt a grown person, but they do increase the risk of neurological disorders and brain damage for an unborn baby. There is no reason to be concerned about this if the fillings are metal free.

They Are Better for the Environment

Fillings consisting of mercury can pollute the water and the air, particularly when they are disposed of. When mercury gets into the water system, it can easily end up in the blood streams of young children and babies. This can cause the neurological and brain disorders referred to above. Therefore, the use of metal free filings helps encourage a sense of environmental responsibility.

With metal free fillings, you are helping both yourself and those around you. If you are in need of a filling—or think you may be soon—you can reach out to 1st Choice Dental. Metal free fillings can be provided, and any questions about them or the procedure can be answered easily.

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