The Different Types Of Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontists in Westmont are skilled at correcting problems associated with misaligned teeth and jaw bones. There are a number of orthodontic procedures which may include, but are not limited to, braces and retainers; other treatments that the orthodontist may turn to include extraction; invisible braces and clear tooth aligners. You do not have to have orthodontic treatment as a youngster although many do; orthodontics is just as important for adults as it is for children and teens.

When people think of orthodontics they often think of metal braces and rubber bands. Indeed, this is one type of treatment that the orthodontist in Westmont often employs. These devices are called fixed appliances as they stay in the mouth, rigidly attached to the teeth during the entire treatment period. The orthodontist installs the braces in such a way that they apply gentle pressure to the teeth where the orthodontist wants it, this pressure slowly forces the teeth to move into a specific position. The patient must visit the orthodontist on a regular basis as the progress needs to be monitored and adjustments must be made to maintain the pressure. These traditional appliances are applied to the front of the teeth and are visible.

Once the braces have successfully moved the teeth to their desired position, a retainer is normally worn to keep them in position. This appliance is removable and is normally worn at night for about a year, they are not worn when eating and drinking and rarely will you see a retainer during the day.

Traditional braces are visible during the one or two years that it takes to complete the procedure. There are people who wish to conceal the fact that they are having their teeth worked on, these people are those that are often in the public eye. The orthodontist in Westmont can fit braces which are either clear or made from porcelain; these devices are worn like normal braces but are almost invisible.

Recently a new device has proven to be very successful in straightening teeth; it is completely invisible, the device fits over the teeth, exerting pressure to slowly move the teeth. During the full course of treatment the patient may wear twenty or more of these devices, each designed to move the teeth a little more. Not only are these braces invisible, they can be easily removed when eating or performing oral care.

If your teeth are crooked or you have a problem with your bite there are numerous ways to fix the problem. To discuss the available procedures with an orthodontist in Westmont you are invited to contact Oakbrook Orthodontics.

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