Allow the Dentists in Broken Arrow OK to Care for Your Teeth

Neglecting dental care is one of the worst things you can do for your teeth. Studies have shown those who routinely visit their dentist are able to stave off a variety of oral health concerns, including cavities and gum disease. How often you should see your dentist will depend on your oral health. If you have good oral health, you may be fine with seeing the dentist twice a year. In cases where your dental health is at risk, the dentist may want to see you more often. By seeing the dentist on a regular basis and using these tips, you can keep a healthy smile.

•    The Dentists Broken Arrow OK advise patients of the importance of brushing on a daily basis. Though you may be brushing twice a day, it will not do you any good if you are not brushing effectively. It is important you use a mild toothpaste and a soft brush. Place the brush at a slight angle and gently brush across each tooth, being careful at the gum line. This will help to remove the plaque from your teeth so it does not cause cavities. View site for more details.

•    Flossing is also crucial, but many people do not know the proper technique. You should never use a sawing motion when flossing. Instead, gently guide the floss back and forth between each tooth so the plaque is removed. If you have trouble using traditional floss, you may want to try floss pics. These are much easier to use for people of all ages. Flossing should be done each day, right before bed for the best results.

•    Your diet is also important for your dental health. The Dentists Broken Arrow OK recommend patients avoid sugary drinks, like juice and soda. These can eat away at your teeth and cause decay. If you eat a diet filled with healthy fruits and vegetables, your teeth will have the nutrients needed to ensure they are healthy and strong. It is also important you stay hydrated with plenty of water.

If you are in need of dental care, visit They can provide you with the dental services you need to ensure your smile stays healthy and strong. Through their services, you can avoid dental health concerns.



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