The Potential Complications That Come With Grinding Your Teeth in Tampa

Teeth grinding is often referred to as bruxism. Many people grind their teeth at night, so they do not even realize that they are doing it. However, it is important for you to get teeth grinding in Tampa, FL, treated as soon as possible because many complications can result.

Tooth Cracks

Teeth grinding can cause cracks in your enamel, which can lead to serious problems. Your enamel protects your tooth, and there is nothing that you can do to get the enamel back once it has been destroyed. Without protective enamel, the tooth can easily be damaged by bacteria and acid.

Dentin is the layer underneath the enamel. If the dentin is exposed, then the tooth will likely suffer irreversible damage.

Chronic Headaches

Studies have shown that people who grind their teeth are more likely to suffer from headaches. Teeth grinding causes tension in the jaw, which can spread to your skull. You may find that you wake up with a headache if you constantly grind your teeth during your sleep.

Jaw Damage

The jaw bone is strong and can withstand a lot of damage. However, if you keep grinding your teeth, then the jaw will eventually be unable to take the pressure. That is why teeth grinding can often lead to temporomandibular joint disorder. TMJ disorder can make it difficult for you to speak, chew and swallow.

Dental Work Complications

If you grind your teeth, then you are not considered a good candidate for dental implants or dental crowns as you will likely damage your dental restorations.

More Stress

Teeth grinding can increase the heart rate, which can put an additional strain on the body. Studies have also shown that people who grind their teeth wake up more frequently at night, leading to disrupted sleep and poor mood in the morning.

If you have a problem with teeth grinding in Tampa, FL, then you can contact Bay Area TMJ & Sleep Center at website.

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