What To Expect From An Orthodontist In California, MD

In California, orthodontists address more complex dental issues. They perform surgeries and installations to improve the way the smile looks. The services also include determining if a patient needs braces. A local Orthodontist in California MD provides comprehensive dental services for patients with alignment issues.

Comprehensive X-Ray and Exam Services

The orthodontist acquires x-rays of the patient’s teeth and completes a thorough examination. The purpose is to determine if there are any adult teeth that haven’t erupted through the gum line. When correcting the alignment, the orthodontist must determine if underlying teeth could complicate their treatment approach.

Reviewing the Alignment

The orthodontist reviews the patient’s alignment and determines what type of braces are needed to correct it. In some cases, the orthodontist can extract teeth that are causing overcrowding of the teeth. If it is just a couple of teeth causing the alignment problem, the dental professional can use other devices, such as retainers to push the teeth back into alignment.

Metal or Ceramic Braces

Metal or ceramic braces are installed permanently to force the teeth into the alignment. Patients wear the braces for up to two years to achieve the maximum results. The dental professionals offer a variety of styles and colors to meet the patient’s preferences. The orthodontist explains vital details about the braces, such as how to clean them and how long they will wear them.

Is Invisalign an Option?

Invisalign is an alternative to traditional braces and isn’t installed permanently. The dentist creates a mold of the natural teeth and produces a new set of Invisalign braces every two to six weeks. The patient could complete the program in one year and achieve straighter teeth. They can take the braces out of their mouth to brush and floss their teeth and while they eat.

In California, orthodontists provide complete services for patients who have an alignment issue. The options include more traditional braces, such as metal or ceramic. The dental professionals also determine if patients could benefit from Invisalign braces. Patients who want to learn more about braces contact an Orthodontist in California MD or Click here to schedule an appointment right now.

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