The procedures associated with dental implants

For many years, if a person had lost teeth to trauma or decay the only solutions available to them were bridges, full dentures or partial dentures, all of which had their drawbacks. Bridges required that anchor teeth were used which over time could become problematic, dentures often did not fit well or looked very artificial. These problems can all be eliminated with dental implants in Montreal.

In cooperation with your dentist, you can decide if dental implants are right for you and you will learn what to expect during the procedure, which can be quite long.

A dental implant is not complicated, it is time consuming though. Once the area dedicated to the implant has been identified, the dentist will implant a small component that looks very much like a screw into the jawbone. Over time the bone will grow and totally encapsulate the screw, making it equally as strong as a natural tooth root.

There are certain factors that must be taken into account when attempting to estimate the total time required for the procedure.

* Overall oral health

* The number of implants required or desired

* Which teeth are being replaced?

* Is dental work required prior to the implantation?

These are the basic factors that must be considered, they indicate the number of office visits, the time frame and the cost.

The actual implant will take perhaps a couple of hours and is performed well anesthetized. As with any aggressive surgery, the sedation procedure eliminates any pain while the implant is being inserted. One of the unknowns about implant surgery is the pain to expect post-surgery. In many cases the patients are pleasantly surprised at how little pain there is and it can be easily controlled with mild pain relievers prescribed by the dentist.

Over time, perhaps four to six months, the implant will become one with the jawbone. At this time the top of the implant is exposed and an extension is fastened to the top of it, this serves as the placement for the new crown which has been carefully crafted by the dental lab.

Once your dental implants in Montreal are completed, careful cleaning and flossing must be adhered too, exactly what is proper maintenance procedure with the rest of the teeth.

Dental implants in Montreal are one of the services offered by the dentists at Retter Dental Care. Dental implants are by far the best solution for tooth or teeth replacement.

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