What Can an Emergency Dentist in Leesburg Do Root Canals?

A root canal is a method that an Emergency Dentist in Leesburg uses to treat a nerve or decay issue. There is no guarantee that the treatment will succeed, or that there are no complications after treatment. Depending on the tooth’s condition and the treatment method used, root canal treatments succeed in 80-95% of cases. When the dentist starts a root canal, they drill a hole in the tooth to get into the canal nerve.

One of the ways to ensure a good treatment outcome is to prevent new bacteria from getting into the root canal during treatment. Therefore, protecting the tooth with a small blanket made of rubber that is placed over opening for the canal is a must. The rubber blanket is maintained on the tooth with a metal bracket. In this way, the Emergency Dentist in Leesburg can keep the area sterile. The length of the root is determined by using an X-ray or by using electronic measuring equipment.

The nerve and bacteria is removed and cleaned off during the root canal to the desired depth and size. Purging can be done with special drills. During a deep root canal, the area must be cleaned out further than in a common root canal. This means that the treatment usually requires several visits to the emergency dentist in Leesburg.

In the intervening period, the root canal is closed temporarily. When the dentist believes that the root canal is cleaned and disinfected, the root canal is filled with a plastic root filling material called gutta-percha. The filling ensures that no new bacteria enters the canal. An X-ray can check that the canal filling is satisfactory, etc. A Teeth Whitening Dentist will make sure a root canal is performed before whitening is carried out.

In some cases, the root canal is narrower. A narrow or difficult canal increases the risk of breakage in the root during treatment. Also, when access is difficult the canal may go through the side of the root. This may eventually lead to problems with the tooth. In difficult root canals, the dentist may choose to refer the matter to dentists with expertise in this field. Contact your local dentist for more details.

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