What is Teeth Whitening in Wildwood?

Teeth Whitening in Wildwood is one of the gentler cosmetic dentistry methods available. Bleaching is carried out by one of your local experienced dentists, and provides a fascinating beautiful result. You look simply stunning with bright, beautiful white teeth. Teeth whitening technology is developed by professional dentists. Therefore, it is guaranteed to work a minimum of 6 shades on the color scale.

How does it work?

With a combination of an effective bleaching lamp and whitening gel over the course of an hour, you’re sure to have the smile you want. Bleach is activated by a special light, penetrating the tooth surface and reacting against the discolored tooth enamel. The gel reacts to the tooth surface where the gums and tooth enamel are discolored. It is not the enamel that is changing, but the colored molecules located inside the enamel and dentin. Teeth Whitening in Wildwood has no effect on fillings in molars.

     *     Tooth bleaching is started after the first visit with your dentist. Expect the consultation to take only about half an hour.

     *     First, they check if your teeth are suitable for whitening or whether the enamel can tolerate the treatment. Then, you get detailed instructions on the proper use of gel and tooth whitening trays.

     *     Dentists make the teeth whitening trays specifically for you based on an accurate impression of your teeth.

     *     For teeth whitening at Cape May Family Dental to work properly, the dentist must determine what course of action will suit you best. Some professionals think that whitening in-seat and sending gel home is the best course of treatment. This usually requires about 5 days of treatment lasting about half an hour. Your local dentist will determine if it will take more. Sometimes, Dental Implants could be the better course of action.

     *     Make sure you get the best quality teeth whitening at the lowest price, but never compromise quality for price. Also included in the bleaching is a dental inspection and several other aspects.

How white your teeth are after a teeth whitening treatment is set by individual standards and dentists have no way of telling you exactly how effective it will be. For many, there will be major changes and in other cases, a little less. To get the best results out of whitening, a dental check-up and trimming is included in the tooth whitening.



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