Who Can Benefit from Microdermabrasion

Men and women trying to improve the quality of their skin should seriously consider having the microdermabrasion done on their faces. The procedure is simple and relatively comfortable and offers some nice results. It gives the skin a healthier look and can help with minor blemishes and skin issues that have to be cleared up.

What is Microdermabrasion?
Microdermabrasion is actually lightly sanding away the outside layer of skin on someone’s face or body. The tool relies on a series of tiny exfoliating crystals to gently wear away the outer layer of skin and make way for new smoother skin to grow through underneath. Patients should not expect the procedure to fix all their facial problems in one go, but it can make some noticeable improvements.

What it is used to treat?
Most of the time microdermabrasion are used to treat acne scars, minor facial scarring and pox marks. The procedure is effective at getting rid of a whole host of minor facial defects through and can even relieve the scars caused by serious burns around the face. It is designed to treat any shallow defects on the face and body, and will not have much effect on the deeper problems such as serious scarring or deep acne scars.

Less Downtime
With similar results, dermabrasion is a rougher procedure that produces more downtime than microdermabrasion does. When getting microdermabrasion performed, patients often only have to deal with 24 hours of pink skin and then it is back to normal, through all the benefits of the procedure. It is quick and relatively comfortable, and it will feel like minor sunburn once complete. It is a pain that most people have no trouble dealing with, and it can really take care of minor skin defects quickly and easily.

Stay Comfortable Afterward
Since the procedure is so mild, there is not much that a patient has to do to remain comfortable after having it done. Apply mild lotions the skin several times throughout the day, and a mild pain reliever to help deal with the pain though it feels like a sunburn or windburn. Usually, an esthetician will not proscribe any medicine to help deal with pain from the procedure because it is mild.

Men and women in Grand Rapids and surround areas looking to improve their overall facial skin quality should consider having the procedure performed. It is relatively painless and is a quick way to remove minor blemishes and slight scarring. Sure, it is not as effective as dermabrasion at getting rid of the more serious issues, but it is also more affordable and healing times are much shorter overall.

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